Production process

Natural casings

Through worldwide own selecting plants, we have direct influence on the quality of our products and the fulfillment of tailored customer requirements. To ensure this high quality from the slaughterhouse to the finished sausage, our production process is characterized by the following steps:

  • Assurance of high-quality raw materials
  • Careful selection under the highest hygienic conditions by trained and experienced professionals
  • Proper preservation and maintenance of the cooling chain throughout the complete process guarantees the best bacteriological conditions
  • Product-specific refrigerated storage of the wide range of products guarantee a fast delivery of high-quality goods
  • Enabling a custom assembly by the long-standing, experienced staff
  • Time delivery exclusively through certified Cooling forwarding

Textile casings

In order to offer you our Ramsay products exclusively in the highest possible product quality and with appropriate product safety, the following points are an integral part of our production process:

  • Selection of finest and highest quality textiles
  • Production exclusively in Germany under the strictest hygienic conditions
  • Use of advanced production technology
  • High product expertise of our professionals
  • Continuous product innovations, such as the 3D-network printing
  • Timely delivery of goods