Produce more efficiently with exact VIVA casings

VIVA is the optimization of natural hog casings and is perfected by caliber, standardized lengths, while being practically free of veins. This innovative market innovation is what enables increased productivity and optimal appearance of the final product. VIVA thus combines the advantages of natural casings with the productivity of artificial casings.

As natural casings are a product of nature veins and variations in caliber can belong to its characteristics. Viva hog casings are therefore refined using a patented process to accurately compensate these disadvantages. The result is a true revolution in natural casings, dried hog casings with the following characteristics:

  • perfect Caliber: maximum caliber deviation ≤ 1mm
  • practically free of veins: in the production process all veins are almost completely eliminated
  • standardized lengths: lengths can be individually adapted to the respective production process

Benefits for sausage manufacturers

  • Increase in sales volume for the end customer by perfect appearance
  • Increase in production speed due to higher stability of the casings (up to 30%) and improved handling (standardization in length and lighter product)
  • Simplifying the purchasing process through guaranteed long-term supply volumes
  • Fewer returns from trading through extended shelf life of the final product
  • No complaints about “veiny sausages”
  • Savings in the packaging due to correct and stable calibers
  • Less breakage rates in the production process (traditional hog casings 4-5% vs Viva potentially 0.5-1.5%)
  • Reduced cooking losses (previously 8% - potentially 4%)

(Data from sample runs for existing customers)

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